How Much Is Adobe Analytics?

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Adobe Analytics is a powerful web analytics platform that allows companies to gain deep insights into their website traffic and customer behavior. As part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, Analytics integrates seamlessly with other Adobe marketing and data solutions.

At its core, Adobe Analytics tracks and reports on key website metrics like page views, unique visitors, and referral sources. But it provides much more detailed analysis around your customers’ digital body language – from how they navigate your site to where they drop off to what drives conversions. Advanced features allow you to segment users, perform multivariate testing, analyze campaigns, create visualizations, and more.

Adobe Analytics helps marketing and business teams understand the customer journey, optimize experiences, identify growth opportunities, and demonstrate marketing ROI. It is used by leading enterprises across industries to make data-driven decisions. The platform is highly customizable with an extensive API so it can be tailored to your specific needs.

Pricing Overview

Adobe Analytics offers tiered pricing plans based on the features included. There are three main plans available: Select, Prime, and Ultimate. Each plan builds on the features of the previous one and adds more advanced capabilities.

The Select plan is the entry-level option, focused on basic web analytics. Prime offers additional features like contribution analysis and fallout visualization. The Ultimate plan is the most full-featured option, with advanced capabilities like predictive analytics, contribution analysis, and more flexible segmentation.

In addition to the core plans, Adobe offers premium add-ons that can be purchased separately. These include options like Ad Hoc Analysis, Data Workbench capabilities, and Live Stream data feeds. Some features may also require additional fees depending on usage and volume, like report builder and data retention beyond standard limits.

Discounts are available for Analytics plans when purchased as part of a broader Adobe Experience Cloud bundle. Academic, non-profit, and government discounts are also available on request. Overall pricing is customized based on each customer’s specific needs and number of users.

Analytics Plan

Adobe Analytics offers an entry-level plan designed for businesses that want basic web analytics capabilities. The Analytics plan provides key metrics like page views, unique visitors, and referrers to help understand website traffic and behavior.

The Analytics plan is priced at $150 per month, billed annually. This works out to $1,800 per year. There is also a 30-day free trial available to test it out before committing.

With the Analytics plan, you get access to:

– Real-time reporting of key metrics like visitors, page views, etc.
– Customizable dashboards to view vital stats.
– Basic segmentation to filter your analytics data.
– Integration with other Adobe services like Audience Manager.
– Over 125 web analytics reports out of the box.
– APIs to export data to other systems.

The Analytics plan allows for up to 5 million monthly page views. For most small businesses, this should be sufficient capacity.

While the entry-level Analytics plan lacks some advanced features like predictive analytics and contribution analysis, it provides a solid foundation of web analytics capabilities. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for novices to get started with digital analytics without advanced skills.

For businesses with basic website analytics needs who don’t require complex capabilities, the Adobe Analytics entry-level plan is an affordable option to consider. The key metrics and customization it offers can provide valuable insights on website traffic and customer behavior.

Select Plan

The Select plan is Adobe’s entry-level analytics offering. It provides basic website, app, and video analytics capabilities for smaller businesses.

The Select plan starts at $149 per month with an annual contract. The monthly price is $199 without a contract.

The Select plan includes:

– Up to 5 report suites
– 10 million monthly page views
– Core reporting features like traffic reports, conversion reports, pathing analysis
– Live stream capabilities
– Access to Adobe Analytics APIs
– Basic segmentation

The Select plan works well for smaller websites, mobile apps, and video content that need essential analytics capabilities without all the advanced features. It provides a simple interface and standard reports to monitor traffic and conversions.

While reasonably priced, the Select plan has limitations in terms of data retention, customization, and integrations compared to Prime and Ultimate plans. Businesses that outgrow the basic requirements may need to upgrade.

Overall the Adobe Analytics Select plan provides an affordable starting point for businesses new to analytics. It delivers core website, app, and video analytics functionally with room to grow into more advanced capabilities.

Prime Plan

The Adobe Analytics Prime Plan provides most of the essential analytics capabilities for businesses looking to take their analysis to the next level. It includes features like fallout and funnel analysis, contribution analysis, and integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud to leverage advanced AI and machine learning algorithms.

The Prime Plan is designed for companies with complex data needs or larger teams collaborating on analytics projects. It provides the ability to customize metrics, build segments, forecast trends, and integrate data from other platforms. You also get access to a customer success manager for ongoing optimization and training.

Pricing for the Prime Plan starts at $10,000 per month, with volume discounts available. This plan requires an annual contract. Some key features include:

– Advanced segmentation tools
– Contribution analysis
– 12 month data retention
– AI-powered analysis and predictions
– Customizable dashboards and reporting
– Access to Adobe Sensei algorithms
– Customer success management
– 100 million monthly page views

The Prime Plan offers robust analytics capabilities for mid-size to large businesses. While more expensive than the base Select package, it provides the depth of analytics many growing companies need as they expand into new markets and channels. The management support also helps align analytics to strategic business goals for maximum impact.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan is Adobe’s most comprehensive packaged Analytics solution. It includes access to all core Analysis Workspace capabilities, plus advanced functionality like predictive analytics, contribution analysis, and real-time reporting.

Some key features of the Ultimate plan include:

– Access to over 250 million metrics, dimensions, segments and calculated metrics
– Predictive intelligence tools like anomaly detection, contribution analysis, and forecasting
– Virtual analyst assistance to get customized help with analysis
– Real-time reporting capabilities
– Data science workflows to execute predictive models at scale
– Unlimited app and metric development
– Premium support with shorter response times

The Ultimate plan is best suited for large, sophisticated enterprise organizations who want maximum flexibility and customization for analytics. It is Adobe’s flagship plan with all the “bells and whistles” for advanced analysis.

Pricing for the Ultimate plan is custom quoted based on your organization’s specific needs. Published pricing estimates range from $300,000 to over $1 million per year, making it significantly more expensive than the Select or Prime plans. The Ultimate plan is designed for global enterprises with complex analytical requirements.

Overall the Ultimate plan provides the full suite of Adobe’s analytics capabilities for organizations that need the most powerful and customizable solution. The extensive features enable robust analysis and modeling but come at a premium cost.

Premium Services

Adobe offers additional premium services beyond the core Analytics plans to provide even more robust capabilities. These services cater to companies with advanced needs or highly complex implementations.

– Customer Attributes: Allows you to import offline customer profile data to enrich your online data in Analysis Workspace. Pricing starts at $9,999 per month with a minimum 12-month contract.

– Customer Data Integration:  Ingests online and offline data from CRM systems, POS systems, etc to create a unified customer profile. Pricing starts at $7,500 per month.

– Data Workbench:  Adobe’s flagship analysis and visualization software with advanced algorithms and modelling capabilities. Requires special data processing servers. Pricing starts at $200,000 per year.

– Live Stream:  Sends real-time analytics data to third-party apps and devices for monitoring dashboards, digital signage, etc. Pricing starts at $5,000 per month with an annual contract.

– Attribution IQ:  Sophisticated multi-touch attribution modelling to determine marketing impact and optimize channels. Requires consulting. Pricing starts at $150,000 per year.

– Audience Analytics: Combines online analytics data with offline demographic and psychographic data for deeper audience insights. Pricing starts at $100,000 per year.

– Predictive Intelligence: Uses machine learning to uncover segments and predict customer behavior. Requires data science expertise. Pricing starts at $250,000 per year.

The premium add-ons provide advanced capabilities, but at significant costs. Companies will want to evaluate if these high-priced services provide enough additional value beyond the core plans to justify the substantial investment. The premium services are optimized for enterprises with massive scale and complexity.

Additional Costs

The major components of Adobe Analytics are covered under the standard pricing plans. However, there are some additional costs to keep in mind:

– Overage fees- If your site has traffic spikes that exceed the allocated server calls in your plan, you’ll incur overage fees. These are billed on a monthly basis at a rate of $0.10 – $0.30 per 1,000 server calls, depending on volume.

– Data retention- While data is stored for 12 months by default, extending data retention beyond that costs extra. For example, retaining data for 24 months costs an additional 20% per month.

– Premium integrations – Connecting Adobe Analytics to non-standard systems like ERP or CRM tools may require custom integration work and additional licensing fees. The costs vary case-by-case.

– Premium support- Upgrading to premium 24/7 phone and chat support costs at least $25,000 annually.

– Professional services – Adobe and their partners offer custom consulting, implementation services, and managed services for an added cost. Pricing is customized to each engagement.

So in summary, while the core Adobe Analytics plans cover most standard use cases, power users with extra data volumes, custom needs, or high-touch services should budget for potential overages or premium add-ons. But the exact additional costs will depend on your specific use case and implementation.


Adobe offers several ways to save money on Adobe Analytics plans. Here are some of the common discounts available:

– Annual plans- Paying annually instead of monthly offers a discount of around 17% off the total yearly cost. This applies to all Analytics plan levels.

– Bundles – Adobe offers bundle discounts when you purchase multiple Adobe products together. For example, the Adobe Analytics Ultimate + Adobe Target Premium bundle saves you 25% off purchasing them separately. Bundling Analytics with other products like Adobe Experience Manager can also lead to further discounts.

– Nonprofits- Verified nonprofits and charitable organizations qualify for a 70% discount on Analytics plans. This requires submitting an application to verify eligibility.

– Education – Teachers and students at accredited academic institutions can get Analytics through the Adobe Education Exchange program, with discounts up to 80% off.

– Government- Qualified government entities can receive discounted pricing on Analytics plans through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Significant discounts from list price are available.

– Large enterprise deals – For companies purchasing large volumes of Adobe products and services, additional discounts above the standard pricing can typically be negotiated. Significant cost savings may be available for sizable deals.

Taking advantage of annual, bundle, or bulk discounts can make purchasing Adobe Analytics more affordable for many organizations. Nonprofits, education, and government sectors also qualify for steep discounts off normal pricing.


Adobe Analytics offers a range of pricing options to meet the needs of organizations and teams of all sizes. The entry-level Select plan starts at $130,000 per year, while the more full-featured Prime and Ultimate plans are $250,000 and $500,000 per year respectively. Premium add-ons like Customer Attributes, Predictive Intelligence, and Data Workbench can add tens of thousands more to the cost.

However, the price often reflects the immense value provided by Adobe Analytics. With its sophisticated reporting, segmentation, integration with other Adobe solutions, and powerful predictive capabilities, Adobe Analytics helps organizations gain deep customer insights to drive business growth and ROI. The cost is an investment into understanding your customers at a whole new level.

Ultimately the price comes down to the analytics needs of your organization. For a robust enterprise-level solution, Adobe Analytics Ultimate bundled with premium add-ons is a leading option despite the high price tag. The lower-tier plans still pack powerful features for the budget conscious. Talk to your Adobe sales rep about special discounts that could make the pricing more attractive. Carefully evaluate if the analytics capabilities gained are worth the expense.

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